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Head Instructors
Matthew Minnick, Ph.D., P. Eng
Bob Loree, B. Eng., B. Ed., P. Eng., FEC

E-mail: info@exps.org

Helpful Hints

1. Your question may have an answer:

  • In our Frequently Asked Questions section
  • On our Legal and Privacy page
  • On one of the Features pages
  • On one of the extensive ExPS Works pages (on the Home page)
  • or on our information pages found on the ExPS Home page 

2. An email is usually 'better' than a 'phone call'

  • It provides both you and our staff the opportunity to articulate the information
  • You can send it Anytime from Anywhere
  • We can answer it Anytime from Anywhere
  • There is a record for future reference
  • We can easily direct your question to the appropriate staff person  

3. We attempt to respond within 24 hours

  • but this is not always possible.
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