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About Bob Loree

As special advisor to the Dean of Engineering at McMaster University and as Director of Engineering 1, Loree has been a counselor, mentor, consultant and genuine friend to thousands of engineering students. He shows great commitment to the education of future engineers and has contributed to advancing the profession in society.  He played a significant role in the Women into Engineering Project 2004 Report by co-ordinating and hosting the first pilot workshop. 

Bob is the highest rated professor (of the 30 most frequently rated) at McMaster University [click on Total Ratings]. 

* All engineering professors
* Most frequently rated university professors
Bob continues to be the highest rated professor at McMaster University. 

When he retired in 2004, the McMaster Engineering Society (MES) named their lounge
the BLUE Lounge [Bob Loree Undergraduate Engineering Lounge].

For many years Prof. Loree has been a very active participant with PEO activities, and continues even more so today.  As a member of the Hamilton Chapter PEO executive since 1996, he is a past Vice Chair and has developed two areas in particular - Communications, and, Community and School Outreach.

In 2004 Bob was the recipient of the PEO Citzenship Award
Find out more about Bob Loree, B.Eng., B.Ed., P.Eng., FEC, at LinkedIn  

PEO Elections 2012 - EngineersOntario
Bob Loree ran for President-Elect
Bob will improve the Membership, Role and Operations of PEO

If more details are required please go to Bob Loree 2015 or contact Bob directly.


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