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ExPS Sample

Here is a very brief overview of selected components of ExPS.  Please visit our Homepage for links to more Resources and Services.

  1. Practice your knowledge as well as your writing skills on-line - then compare your answer to our suggested answer

  2. Check your learning and knowledge on-line for both Law and Ethics.

  3. Study and learn from hundreds of practice questions/answers.

  4. Quickly review your facts using True/False questions.

  5. Use Multiple Choice Questions/Answers to check your understanding of the concepts.

  6. For PEO students we have every previous exam question/answer in our data base – analyzed and available to you in a variety of useful formats.

  7. For students writing exams based on the NPPE we include an additional web site devoted to multiple choice exams.  Try some questions here -   http://www.cleercourse.ca/publicdemo.asp

  8. For PEO students we also offer an entire ON-LINE Seminar – just like being with us in a small group.  Review the videos as often as you wish.

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Many more features are included ....

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