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Remember your university courses?  How about those final exams?  Some professors had essay style questions, others used multiple choice – and if you weren't prepared for the types of questions or the topics (especially if the themes were different from the course textbooks) you really had to work hard to determine what the exam was all about. 

Well guess what? The PPE exams in Canada tend to be in two categories:

A) Essay questions – mostly Ontario PEO

B) Multiple Choice – with some variations by associations and provinces.

So here you are, probably years since your last non-technical exam and trying to juggle work, travel, family, other commitments, financial issues and the sense that this exam is not going to be fun!

You get pressure from work or an organization to write it - and then you search to find some way of knowing what the exam is all about.  You ask your friends and colleagues and they offer suggestions and tips – but really - you want to know what to spend your precious time on and what to expect on the exam.  Sometimes people are led to believe that one method is the best one to follow and therefore don't check out what is best for themselves.

Are we ever glad that you found us!  It means you are checking things out and, of course referrals mean a lot to us.  We get lots.

So – if you are writing one of those 'secret' Multiple Choice exams – where the actual questions are much tougher than the sample ones provided, the DVDs they make you buy are quite boring and have little to do with the questions, you don't know where to start, and, you have to get 65% (not 63% or even 64%) to achieve a pass – or you pay for the privilege of doing it all over again for a mark or two – then we have some ideas for you.

Or – if you are writing an 'Essay – style' exam that varies only slightly in format and content from past exams – we have some suggestions to cut out all the wasted time.  These exams are marked, it seems, so that a certain percentage always fail.  Note that what is called a re-read, and costs a lot of money, is merely a defence of the original marking and not a re-read at all.  This is a tough cycle to get into – and we can help you pass.  It is interesting to note - that the same people write the book, make up the exams and then mark them!  Very convenient.  It takes 45 business days to mark them and post results – that's 9 weeks!  There is little incentive to change the format – that's why ExPS™ works.

So you don't go ragged collecting exams, taking courses and memorizing everything in sight.  We collect information about the exams, analyze it, and prepare study programs that save you time and money – AND – the bottom line - help you pass.

It doesn't matter if you are trying to figure out how much time to spend on the International Law chapter when there is only 1 mark for it on the multiple choice exam (the answer is very little); or, which 5 definitions are most likely to appear on the essay exam in Ontario (we will tell you the most likely ones to appear on your exam) – we have lots of solid information for you.  We have done our homework to save you a load of time and worry.

ExPS™ works.

  • We accommodate different learning styles and needs – yes – that includes yours too!
  • We have answers for all previous PEO questions
  • We have created thousands of questions that are great for Multiple Choice or Essay questions
  • We provide ON-LINE marking and answers for review questions
  • We make Exam Question predictions
  • We have Guides, Formats, Methods, Definitions, Dictionaries, Flash Cards
  • We actually have public statements about our Mission, Vision and Values (and haven't seen any others)
  • We really want to help you pass your PPE exam

ExPS™ works.

  • Hundreds of candidates from across Canada and around the world successfully use ExPS™ every year.
  • ExPS™ isn't a 2-day (can't see straight) marathon in a lecture hall that leaves you searching for what to do next if you dozed off for an hour.
  • ExPS™ is available to you, as often as you need, Anywhere, Anytime.

ExPS™ works.

Please check out the rest of this web site and let ExPS™ work for you.

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