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Features NPPE

Features for NPPE (not PEO) Packages include:


We assist candidates preparing for the NPPE exams across Canada - Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, Essay.

We do not have PPE questions from old NPPE exams – they are not available - their exams are secret and not public knowledge.  However – we offer an excellent preparation for your PPE exam and you may revisit the site from Anywhere, Anytime. 

Although ExPSTM is primarily set up for Ontario (PEO) many of its features are very helpful in other provinces and are being used by many candidates for associations other than PEO.  The exams vary by province and association – although the basics of Engineering Law and Ethics are the same throughout Canada.  We prepare candidates for all provinces except Quebec. 

These features are:

  • On-line Textbook Summary Notes course that include summaries - chapter by chapter.  You should still purchase the texts.
  • A bank of True False, Multiple Choice and Short answer questions based on the texts - with immediate answers on line – these questions help you prepare for the topics used in the multiple choice exam.
  • Private Study Guide that includes Definitions and Dictionaries and Flash Card Review with instant answers.
  • Approaches to writing exams as well as case studies and questions (from previous Ontario exams – which help in any province and any kind of exam).
  • An extensive bank of essay style questions - all with answers – useful to learn the basics of law and ethics. 

We have developed a bank of test questions which effectively prepare candidates for NPPE exams (Mulitple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, Essay).  They are available on an additional web pages for non-PEO candidates.  These questions have been developed from a variety of sources including the textbooks.  They are representative of the questions on your exam and available on-line with instant marking and evaluation.

Additionally, we make predictions regarding the number and types of questions you will encounter on your exam – and include study tips and suggestions to assist and focus your preparations.

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