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Features PEO PPE

Features for Ontario - PEO Packages include:

Preparatory Course

  • Textbook summary notes – Big time saver!
  • Study and review when the time is best for you.
  • Notes with audio for essay questions.

Personal Workshop

  • Revisit our site as often as you wish
  • Complete study notes and tips prepared for you

Personal Workbook Notes

  • Logical steps
  • Valuable insights into important exam methodology
  • Complete exams with answers (PEO)
  • Hundreds of practice questions

CRASH Course (PEO)

  • For candidates who are short on time
  • Focuses specifically on your exam


  • For candidates who are short on time (as in REALLY short on time)
  • Focuses entirely on your exam

Exam Information, Preparation & Analysis

  • All you need - tips, hints, memory techniques
  • Questions analyzed by Type, Topic, Theme & Frequency
  • Predictions and Tips for your exam

Study Plan & Report Card (PEO)

  • Guided Schedule & time management
  • Your test scores from our on-line questions


  • For 'knowledge-based' practice learning questions - Multiple Choice, True/False, Definitions, Short Answer
    For all previous, and sample exam questions

Private Study Guide

  • Guide to Acts & Regulations
  • Exam Question Formats & Answer Methods
  • Definitions, Dictionaries and Study Sheets
  • Flash Card Review with instant answers

Study Questions for quick review

  • Immediate on-line marking
  • True/False, Multiple Choice, Short Answer

Previous Exams (PEO)

  • Access to 30+ years of exam questions/answers
  • Recent exam questions with on-line answers, analyzed for you
  • The complete Most Recent 3 exams are always available for instant review

Practice Exams & Questions

  • Created for your practice - on demand
  • The best questions to study, with answers, of course 

Feature! ON-LINE Video Series

  • For PEO students we offer a 24-part Video Series ON-LINE – just like being with us in a small group.  Review the videos as often as you wish.  Included in all PEO packages.

Optional ON-SITE Classes and Tutorials

  • Throughout Ontario
  • ON-LINE and ON-SITE Resources are integrated
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