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Group & Corporate Connections

Yes – it is true ...
   ExPS™ is Canada's only ON-LINE interactive service of this kind - with Anywhere, Anytime Resources.

  • We provide ON-LINE Resources for Canadian PPE candidates.
  • We provide ON-SITE Classes & Tutorials across Ontario for PEO candidates. 

Let ExPS™ work for you!

     * Introduction and Considerations
     * Features and Benefits
     * Options
     * Future Choices
     * ExPS Vision, Mission and Values

Introduction and Considerations

Bob Loree and Matt Minnick (see ExPS Team), with a professional team, created the ExPS model for learning Anywhere, Anytime.  Since 2006, about two thousand Canadian PPE candidates have successfully used ExPS Resources and Services.  Bob's passion for, and commitment to, education and engineering has been recognized throughout his career.

The ExPS philosophy (About) is shared by companies, organizations and individuals who publish their values and are determined to make a difference through professionalism and ethical attitudes.  Social responsibility, enthusiastic sponsorships, community participation and volunteerism are matched with the use of leading technologies and broad employee development programs.

ExPS Resources and Services (explore all the links on the ExPS Home Page ) are based on strong pedagogical principles, research, experience and determined commitment.  
We have considered:
Locations, Dates and Timing – PPE exams that are written around the world on any date
Preparation Methods – Variety of Resources and options to participate
Learning Styles – Individualized opportunities, as well as small Classes and Personal Tutorials 
First Language – Written notes, audio review, 24-part Video Series provide repetitive and focused learning
Review Strategies – Learning, memory and writing aids are offered throughout all programs
Leading Technologies – Internet learning for busy professionals.  Useful, convenient, always current
Creativity and Originality – For easiest and optimal learning
Programs suited to individuals - Everyone has other commitments & learns differently, at his/her own rate
Optional Classes &Tutorials – Your place or ours. Integrated with ON-LINE Resources. Max. of 20/Class
 Learning and Support on Demand - Anywhere, Anytime.  Where ExPS students live and work
We don’t waste time or resources.  We save paper too
Group and Corporate rates apply – let’s talk.

Features and Benefits

ExPS offers many unique Features and Benefits  
1. See an Overview of Features & Why Choose ExPS

2. Take a Tour - Samples of unique learning tools and a snippet from the 24-part Video Series

3. Variety of Packages - contact Bob for a customized package for your group/organization, and corporate rates

4. ON-LINE – All ExPS Packages include extensive ON-LINE internet resources.
Individual registration adds personal communication and access options for each student.
Anywhere, Anytime access – Each student chooses how, when, where to learn and review.
Every learning style is considered and many personal selections are available.
- provides personal contact and advice from registration right up to the test centre door
- offers unique and outstanding learning methods and opportunities 24/7
- provides personalized exam advice for candidates writing the exam in locations outside of Ontario,
  as well as those who write on different dates
- provides our exclusive, professional, 24-part Video Series, conveniently, with notes

5. ON-SITE – A small group Class at your location - or at ours. ExPS classroom picture below.
ExPS offers ‘Refresher’ Programs – serving desired needs:
- Those who did not write the exam (for personal or business reasons)
- Those who took the PPE a ‘long time ago’
- Those who never took the exam, or, likely never will, but want to know about Law & Ethics

6. Personalized Tutoring – For anyone wishing to have some one-on-one time with Bob to develop personal preparation strategies. (See Tutorial)  

Please contact Bob so ExPS can serve you and your colleagues.

         Our Class environment is comfortable and personal


ExPS learning is simple to manage for a group or company.
ExPS Resources are simple to use Anywhere, Anytime.

Consider these options we currently provide:

Company 1 with offices in City A uses ExPS Video Package for employees who are out-of-town and/or cannot attend a weekend class in City A or Toronto.  ExPS Video Package includes complete Anywhere, Anytime internet Resources plus our on-line Video Series.  Convenient for everyone and cost effective for the company.

Company 2 with world-wide offices uses ExPS Class Package (includes Video Packagae) at its Toronto facility.  The Class is customized - over two work days, allowing participants to have access to important work-related issues if necessary.  Classes are offered thee times per year and ExPS invites any participant who doesn’t write the ‘next’ exam to attend (at no cost) any ExPS regular Class in the future as a refresher.  Participants, many travelling globally, have continuous use of ExPS internet Resources Anywhere, Anytime. 

Company 3 in City B uses ExPS Class Package (includes our normal one-day Class) at its location.  The Class is from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on a regular work day. Only one day for the Class.  All participants use ON-LINE Resources plus the Video Series to prepare for their exams.

Company 4 in City C invites 22 managers, some are already professional engineers, most are not, to attend a modified one-day ExPS Class at a nearby facility to learn about engineering law and ethics.  Attendees express keen interest in knowing what their companies ‘newest’ engineers are learning.  All have access to the ExPS internet Resources.  Everyone enjoys discussions throughout the one-day Class and have an appreciation of the concepts tested in the PPE.

Company 5 in City D with only five participants work with ExPS to have a Class at their company.  ExPS tailors the Class to their needs.  One participant doesn’t write the next exam and attends (no charge) a regularly scheduled ExPS Class just before her exam, as a refresher.  As always, everyone uses the extensive ON-LINE internet Resources and Videos to prepare.

Company 6 in City E has only four participants for the next exam and arranges corporate rates and a special ExPS Class at our location that any other ExPS student can join.  The Class in on a Sunday in the GTA.  All use ExPS Anywhere, Anytime Resources, videos and notes to learn.

Company 7 in City F has more than 150 engineers who require licences and will have to write the PPE over the next two years when they are ready.  They register individually with ExPS for a Package of their choice using an assigned Code to obtain special corporate rates.  Most choose the Video Package, and some choose to join a regularly scheduled ExPS Class that is close to them.  Everyone has options, flexibility and chooses the best time to prepare.  There are major time and financial benefits for the company.

Company 8 in City G currently uses a competitor’s fixed 2-day lecture format.  A number of its participants are overwhelmed with the large number of people in the lecture hall and the lack of personal attention.  They seek out ExPS as an additional resource to allow them extra time and Resources with repeatable choices to fully learn and prepare.  They choose the Video or Class Packages to have access as often as they wish and whenever they wish.

Company 9 in City H offers a competitor’s fixed 2-day lecture format, which is AFTER their scheduled exam.  Some employees seek out and choose ExPS ON-LINE Resources to prepare for their exam since the competitor's non-flexible format offered by the company is too late.

Also some companies who offer a competitor’s 2-day, fixed date, format has employees who are working out of the province or Canada and are unable to attend,  or their schedules prevent suitable learning opportunities. They choose ExPS ON-LINE Resources.   We  observe many students using our interactive internet Resources during their business travels and at opportune times during extended work periods around the globe.

Are you in a rut?  ExPS has many flexible options.  What can we do for you?

Future Choices

As a group or company you can consider ExPS options now or next time.

1. Offer ExPS to colleagues who are ‘falling through the cracks’ for current exams.
2. Offer ExPS to individuals who would like/need additional resources now.
3. Allow ExPS to quote on your next exam preparation program.

Please contact Bob to talk.


ExPS Vision, Mission and Values









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