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Free Starter Package

The Starter Package offers a preview of our materials by providing several samples of our resources that are available through ExPS.  The Starter Package is not a complete preparation program for the PPE, however, it does provide valuable information to students who are writing the next exam.

You may choose to register for another ExPS Package at any time
(usual conditions apply)

Starter Package Samples

These 'free' Starter Package samples represent some of the Resources available in the ExPS complete packages - Video Package, Class Package and Tutorial Package.  
We want to introduce you to ExPS and let you see how good it is.  
We think you will want to use our Resources.

Recent Exam & Answers

ExPS has more than 30 years of exam questions and answers.  We analyse them to save you time and provide the best exam preparation advice available. One of our features provides complete Recent Exams and Answers.  This sample is one of them. 

Summary Notes 

ExPS provides a wide variety of methods to learn the required materials - to accommodate all learning styles - Anywhere, Anytime.  In one section we have extensive notes on the important things to know for each topic - all of these notes have audio with them so you can listen, read and learn at your convenience.  Here is a sample of a section we call 'Summary Notes'.

Learning Videos

ExPS created a professional 24-part Video Series to put you in the front row of a small-group Class.  We update the videos regularly.  You may review them as often as you wish without distractions and at your own convenience Anywhere, Anytime.  All notes are in front of you with a personal instructor guiding you through the concepts and learning materials.  Here are two of the learning videos from the series.

Factual Practice

ExPS people are professional engineers and educators with decades of experience - they know that providing different methods of learning is critical in your learning.  We offer 'practice' features to make sure you learn the basics, as well as the essentials of writing essay-type answers.  Some of the options to practice and learn include ON-LINE instant feedback with True/False questions, Multiple Choice questions, Short Answer questions (with grammar and spell check) and the original Flash Card Review.
Try some of these at your convenience.  If you are interested (not everyone is) we calculate your scores and give you feedback on your progress in the Video Package.

ExPS Package Options

ExPS offers these options for your successful preparation.  You may switch from the 'free' Starter Package to one of our complete packages anytime. To register for one of these Packages click here.

Video Package $299 for everything (during our transition register for the Regular Package)

All ON-LINE Resources, 
including the ExPS Video Series 
Anytime, Anywhere, and as often as you wish! 

Class Package only $100 more ($399) (during our transition register for the Standard Package)

Video Package 
plus a small-group Class 
A Class takes only 1 Day with
 ≤ 20 participants, and you also have the Video Series & web Resources! 

Tutorial Package $599 1-on-1 advice (during our transition register for the Tailored Package)

Video Package 
plus a Personal Tutorial 
Bob works with you on a personal preparation strategy!
A complete 'sample' Tutorial (notes and audio) is included in all Packages!  

Register now

The Starter Package provides you with -
- some free preparation resources
- the opportunity to see the value and excellence of ExPS
- a chance to see what ExPS offers compared to any and all others.

We are confident that our Resources and Services are outstanding and there is nothing comparable.
To move from the Starter Package to a complete package continue here.

Send ExPS information to a colleague or friend

ExPS students like what they see and experience, and the success they have with ExPS.  They offer very supportive feedback and recommendations - some are available at Testimonials.

We encourage you to forward ExPS contact information to a colleague or friend. . . http://exps.org/

About ExPS

Visit our home pages to learn more About ExPS.

Mission: Provide professional, personalized examination preparation services.

ExPS™ makes practical information and assistance available in convenient formats and locations. The resources and services include analysis of previous examinations, banks of individualized diagnostic questions, Classes, Seminars and personal Tutorials. 

Vision:  PPE Exam preparation Anywhere, Anytime.

ExPS™ is a company with a professional attitude, providing outstanding resources, services and customer support to its clients. A strong team develops, maintains and administers our resources and services.  Expertise in many fields is focused on client success: engineering, law, sociology, education (teachers and professors), testing and evaluation, languages, software, hardware, web design, corporate and broadcast video, business, professional coaching and presenting. 

Values: Bob Loree's Examination Preparation Services™ is committed to providing excellent, comprehensive Professional Practice Exams (PPE) preparation with these company characteristics:

  • Professional in research, preparation and delivery
  • Quality Centred in resources and services
  • Service Oriented with attention to details and timely interaction
  • Committed to clients' individualized, convenient, confidential learning
  • Educationally Based in pedagogy, principles, resources and methods
  • Innovative Approach to client needs and future directions
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