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Join Us ON-LINE - National Package NPPE

National ON-LINE Package (for non-PEO candidates)

  • Convenient Internet access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Canada's only service of this kind on the Internet
  • Suits today's busy professional lifestyle
  • Hundreds passed with us last year alone
  • We accommodate different learning styles and needs
    Convenient and efficient access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Educational Materials that direct your learning and save you time
  • Hundreds of previous exam questions with answers from 30+ years (PEO)
  • Months of unlimited Internet access to our Resources
  • Textbook summary notes
  • Easy access to all resources & instructors right up to exam time
  • Our exclusive Yes/No Questions™ for Multiple Choice exams (NPPE)
  • Additional web pages for multiple choice exams - The CLEER Course (NPPE only)
  • Many more valuable ON-LINE Features

  • Exam Information, Preparation, Analysis & Predictions
  • Dictionary and Definitions
  • Textbook summary notes
  • Study Plan & instant ON-LINE Answers
  • Flash Card Review with instant answers
  • Study Questions for quick review & immediate on-line marking
  • True False, Multiple Choice and Short answer questions based on the texts - with immediate answers on line.
  • Essay style questions - all with answers – useful to learn the basics of law and ethics for any exam.
  • Includes The CLEER Course:
  • ExPS does not have PPE questions from old NPPE exams – they are not available - these exams are confidential and not public knowledge.  However, we offer excellent exam preparation.
  • A special section to prepare candidates for the Multiple Choice (MC) exam used by NPPE
  • A large bank of test questions
  • Predictions and tips regarding the number and types of questions candidates will encounter.
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