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Join Us ON-SITE - Class Package PEO

Class Package - Video Package + 10 hour Class

For those who like to learn in an interactive setting we offer the Class Package.
Time efficient learning in one day (10 hours)
Light Refreshments and parking included
Integrated with ON-LINE resources, including exam-focused notes

  • offered in several communities as well as the Greater Toronto Area – see Schedules & Dates
  • comfortable setting - reasonable size classes – typical max 20
  • no lecture halls - excellent atmosphere
  • complete on-line notes for this course in Ethics and Law
  • condensed version of the Tutorial included
  • predictions for your exam
  • effective pedagogical techniques for maximum learning & retention
  • only one day of a weekend
  • no wasted time - less travel - no extra meals or accommodation
  • special arrangements available for groups, companies.  Contact ExPS for your group of 5 or more
  • use the ON-LINE resources before and after the Class - Anywhere, Anytime

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