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Letter to Your Group-Corporation

Bob Loree’s Examination Preparation Services (ExPS) has successfully provided extensive resources to assist candidates for Engineering and Geoscientist Professional Practice Exams (PPE) around the world since 2006.

You may be deciding to engage a company to assist with preparations for the Professional Practice Exam in Law and Ethics; or, you may be currently using other people who offer study materials in a set format.  

If you haven’t considered ExPS Resources and Services, I hope you take a short time to review the attached notes and links.

If you determine that there may be reasons to use our services please let me know. 

Your reasons may be any or all of these:
- To provide flexible opportunities for your colleagues
- To support a variety of learning styles
- To help colleagues whose first language is not English
- To provide comprehensive resources for colleagues writing the PPE on any date, anywhere in the world
- To offer refresher programs to managers and others who never took the PPE
- To save time and money 
- To work with a company sharing your philosophy, values and commitments

The linked notes include:
Introduction and Considerations
Features and Benefits
Future Choices
Vision, Mission, Values

Thank you.
Best regards,

Bob Loree, B.Eng., B.Ed., P.Eng., FEC

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