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OSPE information

How do OSPE PPE courses compare with ExPS Resources and Services?

First - ExPS and OSPE are competitors.
Second - OSPE is not legally related to PEO.  Neither is ExPS.
      Note that OSPE is profit-driven and accepts sponsorship funding, which is not allowed by PEO.
Third - OSPE wants everyone to believe that they 'speak' for Engineers in Ontario.  In fact - very few Engineers (about 10,000 out of 70,000) belong to OSPE.   One of OSPE's goals is to increase membership by 5% per year.  Another is to not lose 10% of their members annually.  This is apparent with OSPE self-referral promotions and discounts offered to 'join' OSPE.

ExPS has clearly defined Vision and Mission statements that relate to the PPE exams.

One OSPE option related to PPE exams is not a preparation course, but a pre-preparation course with duplication of a PPE course.  This increases OSPE revenue and increases OSPE membership sales.

The OSPE Options do not include most of the features in the ExPS Packages so please read the detailed comparisons and check the corresponding web sites to see what get for your time and money.
Link to OSPE.
Link to ExPS

OSPE does not offer additional Resources & Services that ExPS does offer - such as

            * Classes with less than 20 students 

            * Tutorials - one-on-one strategy sessions 

            * 24-part Video Series on the internet

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