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ExPS Troubleshooting Checklist

This is a checklist of items that have created issues for ExPS students. Please have a look at them to see if any will help you. We have been able to trace all student problems back to something on this list.

ExPS System Requirements

Ensure that your computer can run the ExPS programs at our site

Identification and Authorization

  • Use correct User Name and Password
  • User Name and/or Password with unusual symbols may affect your login process (contact us to change them) Some ExPS pages are only for ON-SITE students (Tutorials or Classes)
  • Using 2 or more computers simultaneously will affect access and is discouraged

Providers, Browsers, Caches, Your Computer & Software

  • Some problems arise from dial up providers
  • Some providers change customer IP address frequently
  • Your browser may not be retaining the cookies that ExPS sends to it and therefore loses access
  • Check your security settings to verify that your internet browser will accept ANY and ALL cookies from our domain which is http://exps.org
  • Your security settings may be too high such that your computer rejects certain cookies that ExPS sends which are necessary for authentication
  • Use standard Web browser software - some adware/spyware and browser plugins could affect access

After checking the above items please try:

  •  clear all internet history
  •  clear out all cookies on your computer
  •  if this does not work use Firefox or Chrome to browse the site.  Please let us know if you continue to have problems.

Thank you

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