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Why Choose ExPS?


ON-SITE (Your Location, or, Our Location) CLASSES & TUTORIALS

  • For PEO students - Class Package, Tutorial Package
    For those who like to learn in an interactive classroom setting
  • Reinforces learning from our website
  • Instructors with “easy to learn from” reputations
  • Half day or full day sessions
  • Convenient Ontario locations and times


  • Others charge extra for a limited amount of supplementary materials
    ExPSTM does not charge extra for anything
    – we include all of our unique Features such as:
    - our exclusive Crash Course (PEO) and Ultimate Cram Course (PEO)
    - our Definitions, Study Guide, Dictionaries, audio summaries (PEO) and ON-LINE Tutorial (PEO)
  • ExPSTM doesn't force you to join any organization to get a 'better' deal
  • Others have hidden costs that you pay for travel, accommodation, meals, parking, etc. over 2 days
  • ExPSTM is Anywhere, Anytime – at your convenience.  Hundreds use ExPSTM successfully each year.
  • Others have a few old PEO exams (with answers) for review - ExPSTM has all of them
    ExPSTM provides answers for every PEO question ever asked, and ExPSTM predicts your exam questions
  • Why restrict yourself to a particular weekend?
    ExPSTM is Anywhere, Anytime
  • Why wait to the last two weeks to start your preparatory course?
    ExPSTM is Anywhere, Anytime – from months ahead to right up until you enter the exam room
  • Don't pay extra for old exams? (with no answers)
    ExPSTM has all PEO questions with answers since 1981 – at no extra cost
  • Why make extensive notes you don't need?
    ExPSTM has extensive notes on-line with continuous updates; textbook summary notes

PEO does not endorse anyone
From the PEO web site . . .
"Additional resources:
Please be advised that PEO is not associated with and does not endorse any
of the professional practice exam and technical exam preparatory service providers."


  • Special Pricing for Groups
  • Only pay once until you pass
  • Textbooks – New & Used

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